U-start Pavilion

“U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship” is the first campus entrepreneurship angel funds plan in Taiwan. It combined with the incubation and innovation resources of colleges and universities. So far this plan has assisted more than 1,000 youth entrepreneurial teams to realize their own start-up dreams. U-start Plan presents the various and flourishing entrepreneurial motivation in campus.

GTA Robotics Ltd.

GTA Robotics is an educational and competitive robot design team. Starting from the humanoid robot learning aids, a cross-domain textbook, it is suitable for different age groups to plan an appropriate course of study. The goal is to become the leading humanoid robot in Taiwan, thinking globally and acting locally! To promote Taiwan’s robotics industry international, the long-term goal is to create a new robotics ecosystem with a complete industrial chain, real industry-academic cooperation.

Tales & Tails Co., Ltd.

We set up the “Dog Family Education Institute”, taking the "human-dog trust relationship" as the core. People can learn the correct knowledges and skills of living with dogs through online and offline dog training courses delivered by international dog trainers. Besides, the surplus will be invested in campus and mass education and letting more people know the correct knowledges about dogs.

Li Yao Power Ltd.

Li Yao Power with the concept of "prevention is better than cure". We provide athletic training for middle-aged and elderly people, emphasize "health, smile and continuity". Our teachers include gerontology research, senior education, sports and health care, sports and leisure and other fields, so as to create customized exercise courses. Hoping to see the smile, keep healthy and live longer, and create a brilliant LOHAS life.

Tiny Times Design Ltd.

“Tiny Times Design Ltd.” was Started from the traditional tin craft, combined with digital customization technology, we are committed to creating a green brand of “antibacterial and environmental protection, sustainable circulation, aesthetics of life and DIY workshop.” Also, we developed the world's first "tin-silver alloy" to deliver a series of tin-ware products that optimize life and environment.

Yoho Co., Ltd.

YOHO Co., Ltd. established in September 2011. Our private labels include “Draw Now”, “Draw Now Kids”, “Draw Now DNA” and “Draw Now.edu”. Our services are board game sales, board game activity design, providing corporate training gamification courses, table games design and higher education gamification development. Becoming the best medium for games and humans is our ultimate goal.

Graphene Hope Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

The graphene powder currently produced can be used for heat dissipation, conductivity, plastic strength enhancement, and cosmetic purposes. Welcome to contact us.

Curly Beard Studio

“Curly Beard Studio” came from “Cou”, an indigenous tribe located in Chiayi. We provide graphics design services with myths and patterns of “Cou”, and bring out the energy of Taiwan indigenous.

Fish Bar Ltd.

“Seafood Education” and “Sustainable Ocean” is our mission. We supply 3 dimensions of services “CHOICE”, “ACTIVITIES” and “KNOWLEDGE”. By these three services, FISH BAR tries to connect and share information between customers, fishermen and academies. We hope to make the ocean resources utilization sustainably.

Tzu Tung Mobile technology Co., Ltd.

GLAD Taxi is powerful company with inter-departmental application service. We have developed digital platform in taxi market, including cloud computing, IOT and big data.

Rosa Studio

“ROSA” taken from the name of two designers “Ro”ya and “Sa”rah. We use vegetable tanning leather and denim to design. Every commodity is like a diary. According to different habits and the frequency of use, the pieces records characteristic memories. Our slogan: “Through the craftsmanship to see the beauty of the brush from rosastudio.”

Big Fun Games Co,. Ltd.

Big Fun Games partnering with many designers to publish original games. We cooperate with other companies and provide games of high quality and immense replayablity.

Shiner Creative Ltd.

Shiner Creative provides comprehensive digital consulting services, combine digital marketing by interactive technology, promote industry value-added and regional revitalizations.