Closing show
11.21 Sat 17:00/Center Stage
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Closing Show
11.21 Sat / Center Stage


Crispy is an indie-pop duo from Taiwan consisting of vocalist/guitarist Skippy and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ding Bu La Ding. Formed in 2010, the group has released 2 EPs and 3 full-length albums. Skippy is responsible for most of the songwriting in Crispy, using everyday life as a starting point, the songs describe the different aspects of growing up with a delicate, story-telling tone. On top of the foundations formed by the acoustic guitar, Skippy's bright, intimate voice is combined with the multi-layered vocals of Ding, coupled with a touch of electronic sampling, loops, synths and sound effects to create Crispy's unique, textured sound. The songs range from guitar-based indie rock, electronic pop to slow acoustic folk, representing the different stages of reaching adulthood and telling the stories that happen to all of us, memories that shouldn't be forgotten.