Business Concept

Our company's mission is perfectly encapsulated by the name “Talfin”, which is derived from the words “finding your talent”. We are more than an HR firm; we leverage HR tech to integrate different cultures, analyze AI big data, gather elite workers, and help all parties work towards a common goal. At Talfin, we ensure everyone will find their place to shine!


When it comes to fining good people, you don’t just "feel" it. Data science helps you eliminate stereotypes and AI-driven evaluation gets you talents that are not easy to find. With the matching system on our RAS, you can always look for the perfect match for you and your team.

11.19 Thu.-11.21 Sat.

The Talfin Talent Attractor is setting sail for the farthest corners of the sky at Meet Taipei! Join us in the latest games, matchmaking, and activities that will help you find your shining star! Collect all the stars and win a chance at a special Nintendo Switch or a 5G iPhone 12!