The Blockchain Summit 2020 -
Talent Transformation
11.21 Sat. 09:30-17:20 @ Pink Stage
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The Blockchain Summit 2020 - <br>Talent Transformation

Every year in November, TABEI hosts The Blockchain Summit to present you blockchain industry developments and highlights of the year. For the first time, the summit will be held at Meet Taipei. This year we have specially invited keynote speakers as well as 16 experts from different industries; government and academia to attend our panels covering important industry topics. From "Decentralized Finance" and "Decentralized Applications" to discussing the digital transformation in corporate talent qualifications. We are looking forward to your attendance and the opportunity to discuss critical Blockchain matters.

Time Event Guests
09:30~10:00 Registration
10:00~10:05 Opening Remarks
Kao Chi-Chun
Kao Chi-Chun
Managing Director, TABEI
Mike Lin
Mike Lin
Event Director, BlockTempo
10:05-10:30 Introduction
Zse-hong Tsai, Executive Secretary, BOST of Executive Yuan
Chung-chieh Lin, Commissioner, DOED of Taipei City Government
Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer, HTC
10:30-11:00 Keynote 1 The Internet versus the World
Phil Chen
Phil Chen
Decentralized Chief Officer, HTC
11:00-12:00 Panel 1 Blockchain talent cultivation and alliance formation for Taiwan industry
Reki Wu, Blockchain Technology Section Manager, DSI, III
Fang-Guan Jan, Director General, DOID,  NDC
Jaclyn Tsai, Chairwoman, TFTA
Jason Hsu, Executive Secretary, Monte Jade Association of Taiwan
Alice Chang, Vice President, TAICCA
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
13:00:-13:30 Keynote 2 AMIS Wallet Service
Mark Lin
Mark Lin
Senior Engineer, AMIS
13:30:-14:00 Keynote 3 How to combat financial crime in a digital age
Kordan Ou
Kordan Ou
CEO, KryptoGo
14:00-15:00 Panel 2 How blockchain powers digital transformation in Taiwan industry by IT service providers
Dr. Jung-Chin Kuo, Industry Consultant, MIC, III
Julian Chen, CEO, ITM
James Lai , General Manager, Sunnet-Cyber
Ti-Ti Chang, AVP, CDIB Capital
Denny Yang, Co-founder, Red Building Labs
15:00~15:20 Networking Break
15:20-16:20 Panel 3 The Present and Prospect of Enterprise Blockchain In Finance Industry
Daniel Huang, CEO, BSOS
Artie Wang, Lead of Blockchain Finance, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank
Rio Li, Leader, Blockchain Lab
Nicholas Yang, DDT, Cathay Financial Holdings
Kenneth Tu, Senior Blockchain Expert
16:20-17:20 Panel 4 Crypto Investment 101: How to avoid frauds
Mike Lin, Event Director, BlockTempo
Ping Chen, Founder, Pelith
Kevin Chiang, Co-Founder, GPUMINE
Yvonne Chen, VP, BitoEX
MJIB, Division Chief, Wen-Chieh Su