Meet Global Tea Time @2023 Meet Taipei

How to Win Favor From the US Investors

12.02 Sat. 09:30 ~ 12:00

STAGE| Ahead Stage

Meet Global Tea Time is dedicated to connecting Taiwanese startups with international expats, business leaders and investors. This time, we invite startups which were successfully got funding from the US investors, and expanded to the US market.

The United States is the largest global market and a crucial battleground for international startups. Obtaining investment from American investors can significantly expedite market entry. It's widely known that standing out in the international startup scene and capturing the attention of American investors is challenging. However, apart from the traditional method of pitching directly to venture capitalists, there are various other approaches to engage with investors. This Tea Time event will feature startups that have secured $1 million in investment from Tim Draper through their victory on the reality TV show "Meet The Draper" and startups that have raised funds through U.S. crowdfunding, sharing their strategies for obtaining the golden ticket to enter the American market!