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Time Artists
16:30 Opening Papi Bucket
17:00 Let‘s Rock StarUp! Enno Cheng
17:30 DJ Show DJ - Han CHEN

Papi Bucket

Papi Bucket is a street artist in Taipei, Taiwan. He uses several different materials such as buckets, pans and pots, to make music and beat. He also produces some original music tracks, and try to combine with his bucket drumming.

Enno Cheng

Enno has participated in the production of four albums since 2007, and has performed both individually and with her band(s) in major music festivals in Taiwan and overseas, including SXSW (U.S.), Taiwan Calling (HK), Art Truck Shows (MY), Formoz Festival (TW), MegaPort Festival (TW), RockIn Taichung Music Festival (TW), Wake Up Festival (TW), Simple Life (TW), and FireBall Festival (TW).

Han Chen

Music for more than 10yrs, Han plays music with his vast knowledge of music genres. A passionate digger, originally a black music lover turned funk-style dancer, started DJing since 2015, Han knows how and what kinds of music can get people down on the dancefloor.