With fearlessness and courage, we will kick off the next challenging decade.

Meet Taipei Startup Forum:Open the FUTURE

11.30 Thu. 09:30 ~ 11:55

STAGE| Super Stage

Over time, accompanied by the catalysis of new technologies, it is enough to facilitate all transformations and transitions. Looking back over the past decade, we have defined the contours of Taiwan's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, which is abundant, challenging, and resilient in the cracks.

Treading on the advantages of the ICT and semiconductor industries and the irrigation of government policies, it has now grown into a diverse landscape. Looking ahead to the next decade, amidst the uncertainties of the global political and economic situation, how should the path of innovation and entrepreneurship move forward? Have the entrepreneurs who have the power to define the discourse for the next decade already prepared to set sail and explore new territories?

In this session "Meet Taipei Startup Forum: Open the FUTURE," we have invited Ning Ning Yu, V.P, R&D, LA, Taboola, Wayne Huang, Co-founder and Group CEO of XREX Inc., and other heavyweight speakers to explore the theme "Zooming the FUTURE: Trend Forecast," attempting to find ways to illuminate the darkness ahead. They will discuss how to sift through a wealth of past data, stack, analyze, and make decisions based on experience, to fearlessly and courageously embark on the next challenging decade. Additionally, the business perspectives from Chunghwa Telecom and CoinW will help us envision a new landscape for the next decade of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, collectively envisioning a bright future for innovation and entrepreneurship in the next decade.