How to stand on the shoulders of giants to define the future of innovation and entrepreneurship for the next decade.

Meet Taipei Startup Forum:Define the FUTURE

11.30 Thu. 14:00 ~ 16:30

STAGE| Super Stage

Over time, accompanied by the catalysis of new technologies, it is enough to facilitate all transformations and transitions. Looking back over the past decade, we have defined the contours of Taiwan's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, which is abundant, challenging, and resilient in the cracks.

Treading on the advantages of the ICT and semiconductor industries and the irrigation of government policies, it has now grown into a diverse landscape. Looking ahead to the next decade, amidst the uncertainties of the global political and economic situation, how should the path of innovation and entrepreneurship move forward? Have the entrepreneurs who have the power to define the discourse for the next decade already prepared to set sail and explore new territories?

In this "Meet Taipei Startup Forum | Defining Future " the organizers have curated two distinct topics. "Growing the FUTURE" invites venture capitalists with international perspectives from Japan and Korea to engage in dialogue with Co-founder and Managing Partner of SparkLabs Taiwan Edgar Chiu. On the other hand, "Young FUTURE" is hosted by Professional Bilingual TV Host Catherine Lu, engaging a group of young entrepreneurs from various fields to explore how they, empowered with the authority to define Taiwan's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem for the next decade, will interpret and analyze this market, unveiling new horizons and embarking on the next journey together.

Additionally, the “Connecting to the FUTURE” session brought by Wei-Gong Liou, Department of Sociology, Soochow University Associate Professor, and the corporate perspectives from Far EasTone Telecommunications and OKX , will guide entrepreneurs towards a new direction, collectively envisioning a bright future for innovation and entrepreneurship in the next decade.