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Taipei Exchange & Startup Pavilion

Startup Pipeline @ AX-1
創櫃新星主題專區 創櫃新星主題專區

Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA) is a equity-based platform for small-sized non-public companies with innovative ideas. GISA offers counseling and capital raising functions, and helps small-sized innovative companies to grow. Taipei exchange invites GISA companies to 2016 Meet Taipei exhibition to display products and share experiences about how to start their businesses and how Taipei Exchange assist their businesses to grow.

Dexatek Technology Ltd.

Σ, pronounced as Sigma in Greece,represents summation in mathematics. CASA, represents “home” in Italian. ΣCASA devotes itself to creative thinking, and to provide a renewed outlook on people’s daily life. We all know that if we are satisfied with the existing standard of living, it won't be nesessary for charging, then everything shall remain the same.

Flashaim Inc.

We provide customers with most state-of-the-art digital marketing schemes by targeting at the small and medium-sized enterprises, and combining with the all-round network marketing, innovative network e-commerce, international online cash flow payment, APP development, API interface system and other service projects.

Intumit INC.

Established in 1999, Intumit, Inc. is the leading artificial intelligence provider with more than 500 customers in Greater China area, especially in the financial services industry. Powered by self-developed core technologies for instance Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Information Extraction, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Intumit’s AI solutions help companies not only extract more value from their Big Data sources, but intelligently analyze from massive unstructured data. To maximize your business performance. And more.

BXB Electronics Co., Ltd.

BXB has dedicated to the development of smart conferencing and PA systems for 27 years. The brand BXB (BEST X BEST) has also greatly expanded to more than 50 countries. BXB always "takes human beings as the essential" and "realizes social responsibilities" offering the most suitable solutions to customers. BXB's products can be extensively applied in educational, AV message announcement, environmental control, security, and emergency command fields.

Holo Solution Inc.

We are a team with great chemistry. With the boundless enthusiasm of work, dedication to the profession, and responsibility for customers, we do all our best to keep producing good products.


SensingTEK is committed to the development and innovation of wireless network technology, providing a smart living space that is healthy, comfortable and convenient.

Zoetek Inc.

Zoetek make efforts in coding to improve various physiological signal algorithms in order to broaden the application areas of our outstanding wearable devices. Zoetek have got 24 patents from 5 countries and FDA for Health Monitor, thus we can provide high-accuracy & multi-functional wearable devices.