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Intelligence Business Startup Pavilion

Startup Pipeline @ CX-1
經濟部商業司 智慧商業服務新創主題專區

In order to discover and help the new talents in entrepreneurship, Department of Commerce, Misistry Of Economic Affairs introduces the Asia Silicon Valley Intellenctral Commercial Service Application Project that offers the training for selected 10 groups. The showcase will demonstrate how the new talent with the help from the government shapes new environment for innovation service industry.


MyProGuide is an online platform for travelers and travel agencies to find suitable, licensed, and multilingual tour guides. We collect qualified tour guides and help them build self-branding page. This is not only a new way for tour guides to create their career, but also for travelers to customize and arrange whatever and whenever to go!

Direct Current Co., Ltd

Direct Current Co., is founded in 2016 with the aim of providing OMO ( Online- Merge-Offline ) solution. iCarry , the travel shopping service introduced by Direct Current Co., not only improve shopping experience for travelers but analyze traveler profile , behavior and shopping path during trip. It helps store partner optimize marketing strategy and generate repeat order business.

Eunomics Inc.

Eunomics Inc. focuses on algorithm development and programming, which makes business decisions into automation rule. In application, we can provide cloud-based services such as customized news information delivery system, reader feature analysis system, and enterprise resource management system.


GREENBANK Technology, with a strong technical team, master the key technologies of energy conservation, the main research and development of green energy and BIG data related technology, development lab in Hsinchu Science Park, the production of IOT wireless smart switch, have passed CE / FCC / NCC / BSMI / ROHS certification.

Giftpack, Inc.

Giftpack, redefine the next generation of gifting by Ai and Big Data with heart.

Aseal Inc.

Through AotterTrek data analytics platform, Aseal Inc. focuses on big data applied service.


eyehouse devoted to study VR application technology, we built a 360ºVR platform and develop VRsync core technology to provide a SmartVR property selling system(SPSS), with this system, agents & buyers can communicate with each other without any misunderstanding, and sync-up with any detailed information regaring proerties. We can support any real-estate business to innovate their offine working behavior to online service to fit new generation's requirement.

Touch Cloud

Touch Cloud focus on industry 4.0 and surveillance analytics territory. We provide the solution for massive and high-dimension numerical data analytics in automated plants, and also the solution for defect classification together with Automated Optical Inspection equipment. Touch Cloud also applies deep learning technology to real-time image analytics in surveillance applications. We offer end-to-end solutions from cloud computing infrastructure to artificial intelligence applications for our enterprise customers.


Mind & Idea Fly Co. Ltd. (MIFLY), with several award-winning domestic and international awards, is not only the leading multimedia AR/VR mobile application software developer but also the only one AR/VR underlying technology developer in Taiwan. MIFLY have developed a dozen innovative AR/VR mobile application service module with a combination of cloud technology, machine learning, big data analysis and multimedia interaction. Anyone can freely develop AR/VR by our open platform “MAKAR” and influentially perform in AR industry.

FinData Finance Technology Corp.

FinData Financial Technology Corp. is an investee of Chung-hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg. Corp.. FinData devotes three differentiated business models in parking intelligence, consumer finance and automobile eCommerce. To breed strategies for Internet plus, the parking-based mobile wallet App iParking has been launched since 2017.