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STSP x StarFab Innovation Super Highway Pavilion

Startup Pipeline @ IX-4
STSP x StarFab Innovation Super Highway Pavilion

A unique concept for startup acceleration, the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) gives promising entrepreneurs a chance to grow their startups with the support of an established, global enterprise.
STSP includes production, R&D, and industrial service districts. Key companies from every field have established their presence in the park. Participants of this original program gain access to the best industry consultants, facilities, and resources, along with unprecedented access to venture capital.
This year, 13 Startups from smart manufacturing, AI, Robotics, smart finance fields successfully participate in this program and work with one of the park's leading enterprises: Himax Technologies, Tongtai Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd, Allring Technology, Geosat Aerospace & Technology. Furthermore, they will exhibit newest products and technologies in Meet Taipei.
We invite you to visit “STSP Co-Creation Pavilion” to see newest products and technologies and know more about “The STSP Corporate-Startup Accelerator Program”.


GINTEL TECH Inc. focuses on transdisciplinary research and development. The core technologies includes A(AIoT+Aquaculture), B(big data), C(Cloud), D(Device- software and hardware integration design) and M(Mobile+Mathematical model development and algorithm). The research team won 19 awards and patents. The aims of GINTEL TECH are food safety and environmental sustainability. The products provide quick monitoring of water toxic concentration in the fields of in aquaculture, industrial water, drinking water and agriculture.


YajanTech is a global company and members work on Taiwan, HK,Singapore and India. Our manage team locate at Taiwan. We are a AR and VR design company and provide kernel SDK to client to design productions. We help client to build APP, Web, hardware and AR/VR production and cook business together. If there is any idea need to implement , please feel free to discuss with us and we can help to build it.

Anchor Tech Co., Ltd.

Anchor Tech with excellent IoT product line has launched our new brand NIDO to provide out-of-warranty vending machine a solution for mobile payment and management on cloud. The development team has solid experience in closed vending machine payment industry, upgrading over 200,000 vending machines distributed in Korea, Japan and Germany during 7-year career.

P-Square Inc.

P-Square was founded in 2014 by Dr. Jeremy Kuo, who has 10-year experience in indoor positioning field. We focus on providing comprehensive indoor positioning solutions for various IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. Our team have been successful built indoor positioning systems for leading companies, such as TSMC, Formosa Plastic Group, and LiteOn.


PowerWoW is dedicated to become one of the global major wireless power solution providers and to create a safe and intelligent high power wireless charging system that can be used for applications such as AGV, RGV, OHT, DRONE and automobiles.

Sea Of Clouds Advanced Technology Co.,Ltd

Sea of clouds (SoC) was found in Kaohsiung. With various cooperations with industries, academics, and research institutes, SoC have developed value chains and advanced solutions based on image recognition and artificial intelligence IoT (AIoT).

SHII FWU HUEY Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1995, SHII FWU HUEY Technology is a member of the Robotics Industry Research Alliance. It has cooperated with ITRI in the development of "Smart Life Companion Robot System", and has established with Taiwan Precision Machinery Development Center, Mingxin University of Science and Technology. The relationship of cooperation. Has won the "Innovative Health Care Robot Award", "Medical Robot Competition Award" and other honors.


LEADERG INC. is an AI robot design house which provides AI robot solutions.


LIPS are positioned as 3D Machine Vision Platform provider offering: 3D depth cameras based on ToF, Structured Light, and Active Stereo technologies; standard recognition middleware; standard solutions. LIPS not only design, build, and customize 3D depth cameras but also create various recognition middleware and solutions to fulfill your applications. Besides we do customize camera design, middleware, and total solution projects for developers and marketers worldwide.

Frontier Technology Inc.

Frontier's core technology is customized solution for Chinese Nature Language Processing(NLP). It can be applied many field such as Chatbot or Robot. It's unique dialogue design and algorithm can help enterprise build differential service and enhance the user experience.

Spectronik Medical Inc.

The company was founded by three like-minded individuals who specialize in electronics, software and biomedical optoelectronics engineering. Because of the enthusiasm for improving the quality of hospitalized patients, to develop qualified and useful medical equipment for patients is the goal of this company. Due to the in-depth understanding of the actual needs of hospitals and patients, and the mastery of core technologies, it is the guide to stimulate product development.


Incubation by THU, applying the leading technology development capability in the academic field to solve practical challenges, it has been successfully introduced into many different manufacturing fields, including the semiconductor manufacturing industry with the most difficult processing schedule, semiconductor packaging and testing industry, OLED industry, metal ironmongery machining industry, etc. .

TAI GANG Technology

The company uses graphene inorganic composite films to process wastewater or chemicals, and extract valuable materials for other purposes. It provides unique technologies on ammonia and nitrogen wastewater management, advanced oxidation process, VOC monitoring and governance, and textile wastewater processing.

Excellent Water Appraisal & Co.

Excellent Water Appraisal & Co. is established by a group of professionals with rich experience in financial accounting, venture capital, M&A transactions and valuation analysis. Main business are entrepreneur/intangible assets valuation and startups counseling (include technical value, equity planning and financial advisory).


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StarFab Accelerator

StarFab are tirelessly searching for innovative smart solutions and exceptional entrepreneurs, and provide extraordinary startups with the best resources to help turn their ideas into a successful reality with powerful corporate collaborations, market-leading mentors, extraordinary VC connections, the StarFab studio and on-site tech experts. Remarkable state of StarFab: *88 Startups *Total Raise 1.6 Billion *40% of alumni receiving external funding *95% of high survival rate