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TYC Startup Pavilion

Startup Pipeline @ CX-2
創業在桃園主題專區 創業在桃園主題專區

12 startup teams and 3 startup hubs are making an outstanding performance. In order to provide a great environment for entrepreneurs, Taoyuan City Government uses “Startup @ Taoyuan” as a symbol to show many open resources. This year, 3 startup hubs, led by Taoyuan City Government, are helping the entrepreneurs in variety industries with the most professional suggestions and multi-service.

Smart Reality Technology Co., Ltd

Smart Reality Technology is founded by a group of young people with top-notch technology. With a high degree of enthusiasm and thinking about new technologies, we devote to spread our innovative ideas to the world. We mainly develop practical applications of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and software. We also have many experiences working with large companies, governments and schools.

Micro PC

Micro PC focus on solving plastic pollution, and we have machine to clean tiny plastic microbeads from the ocean, river, harbor. We also help clients to design recycle plastic machine to achieve the CSR and sustainability goal. Save ocean, save next generation, We invite you to join the sustainability work with us.

All Aspect System

The All Aspect System (AAS) has derived several Open Source drone projects, including Paparazzi UAV and Ardupilot. As the original development team, AAS team has a deep understanding of the source code in drone. Currently, the system is capable of controlling multiple types of vehicles (including ground, air, above and under water) and is equipped with software encryption so that even if the system is seized by others, without our software, the other party will not be able to access the system (including using a wired connection). AAS is still working towards the application and commercialization of unmanned vehicles to this day.

Cheng Jie Technology Co., Ltd.

Cheng Jie Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by three fathers with preschool children. In the process of starting up our business, we hope to take the advantage of the latest technology to provide every child with a happy and healthy childhood. Therefore, we have invented Witspal, an intelligent pen that links Internet of Things to prevent children from being nearsighted.

Dapp Pocket Inc.

We are a team of engineers from Taiwan. We started the research of Blockchain technology during our time in NTU CSIE and also contributed in Blockchain startups. We all love to use Dapp(Decentalized App) and Blockchain technology.


B Corp & social enterprise orientation, hoping to promote an environmentally friendly attitude towards life and design quality of life.

Mimir Robotics Education Center

The only national use of international education papers specification planning courses. A combination of master's and doctoral degrees in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, Programming, and Education. Prepare a systematic course from kindergarten to university and society, including Mechanics, Programs, Electronic Circuits, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Maker and Industrial Robots!

STAREK Scientific Co.Ltd.

The co-founders of SCIKET are dedicated to improving the efficiency of scientific purchasing process from their own experience. In the future, our team will launch more convenient services for scientific researchers. Our goal is "Make Science Efficient"!


QI-KANG HEALTH MANAGEMENT CO,. LTD, the first company to provide cleaning services in Taiwan. This cleaning technology has been developed in Japan for decades, the purpose is to clean the water pipes in the dirty and bacteria. QI-KANG cleaning water pipes continue to develop water pipes technology and actively promote the importance of cleaning water pipes in Taiwan, so that people drink good water with water.


Focusing on Ads for real estates and founded Department of AR/VR/AI in 2016. Case/Client: Real estates in Taoyuan City, Taipei City, New Taipei City.

Sapiens Tec. Co, LTD.

Sapiens Technology has been focusing on the inventing idea of "increasing sharing economy values by intelligent vehicles". Sapiens technology developmment of IoT-relevant techniques and clound computing , it focuses on the development of electric scooters manufacturing and supply chain.The intellignet traffic sharing management platform can fulfill benefit sharing and establishing sustainable value.

S.L.Pear Co., Ltd

S.L.Pear Co., Ltd began to raise funds for the “selling big pears to save the small school” on the fundraising platform. First, the fruit was sent to the inspection to establish fruit quality and supply chain, network and physical sales channels, create issues, etc., to ensure the income of local small farmers. In the way of social enterprise, we will unite the community to protect the children's opportunities for education and community development.


TYCommander was founded by Department of Youth Affairs,Taoyuan, which is the first youth start-up hub with co-workingand maker space in Taoyuan.It helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas into business, and strenqthen the connection with market by providing working spaces, international resources and partners, and professional consultant.

Hsinming Youth Hub

The Hsinming Youth Hub is the third base which founded by the Government of Taoyuan City. Our goal are to build a base for developing the artificial intelligence and smart robots industry. We offer entrepreneur various services, including ample spaces for working, youth entrepreneurial guidance and abundant software and hardwore equipment.

Andong Youth Start-up Hub

Andong Youth Start-up Hub is the space for the youth to start a business on ICT industry along with the application of AR, VR and MR. Besides, this is the comprehensive eco-system of youth start-up space integrating all resources, including linking the technology of global leading companies.