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Kaohsiung Forward

Startup Pipeline @ IX-3
Kaohsiung Forward Pavilion

Beyond New Bay‧Startup Your Way

With profound traditional industries in the past, Kaohsiung takes it as resources and capabilities to cultivate new start-up and build up the dream HUB.

Kaohsiung City Government keeps fostering new start-up enthusiastically and established Digital Art Kaohsiung United Office (DAKUO) to support one-stop and all-channel services to provide the communication platform between new start-up, communities, and industries.

To see the way forward of Kaohsiung, with Digital Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Enterprise Transformation in various area, Kaohsiung Forward shows the innovative LOHAS life perfectly.

VAR Technology (Taiwan) Ltd.

Let's race with other players in the cool and fascinating cars! Different traps and random items test your driving skills and outstanding spontaneous response. The key of victory is how do you use the special items correctly and evade the dangerous stratagems.


Mobile game "PIG FARM" series is one of JOE's main products. It is a simulation game, which has gained over 5 million downloads in Taiwan. Recently, "PIG FARM 3D" is developed by Taiwanese and Japanese employees of JOE. We are going to create more great hit games here from Taiwan!


AIoT Unmanned Store:With image identify system, AIoT Unmanned Store can distinguish different items and the quantity of products. It will display red warning light when it is out of stock and notify the shop assistant. Smart Planting:How do you look after your plants when you are out of home? Do you know programs will solve your problems? You can take care of your plants automatically by making sure they have enough water and light all the time. Smart Home:"Smart Home" is the Access Control System which is applied new IoT concepts and RFID technologies.

HaoHan Info Co., Ltd.

"MicroPlay" instantly replays the realities of the past market and joins virtual financial accounts and virtual ordering services, allowing us to integrate more quickly into the world of financial transactions. "GOrder" is a program of trading platform that integrates multiple brokerage platforms. It can use other programs to place orders, including three modules: quotation, manual and program order. Let us conduct strategic trading in multi-brokers through familiar programs.

Wellgen Medical Co.,LTD

"µ-Scan microscopy" is a medical device that can scan smear automatically and detect AFB Stain(Acid-Fast Stain) combined with multiple slides microscopy in a few minutes. Our automated system exhibits superior sensitivity in detecting AFB which can significantly reduce human negligent and improves laboratory quality and efficiency.

Hongyun Property Development Co., Ltd.

"Hongyun Jishen" has been in business for 3 generations in more than 60 years and cultivating banana export market for almost 50 years. With the persistence of industry and quality-oriented attitude, we have purchased a number of low-temperature refrigerators and refrigerated trucks. In accordance with the new pesticide testing system issued by Japan, the planting process is absolutely transparent, open, and safe. We provide high quality products to customers. Also, designated as Japanese banana exporter, we promote Taiwan banana to Japan and the Mainland market successfully.