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SIIR Pavilion

Startup Pipeline @ TX-2
創業在桃園主題專區 服務業創新研發計畫(SIIR)主題專區

To encourage innovation in the services industry, The Ministry of Economic affairs offers grants and subsudies for businesses to invest in research and development. In addition, the Ministry also provides resources for expertise, inter-business relationships and promotion for marketing. This helps expedite the process of making new concepts into realities, and establishes the ministry as the best supporting partner in helping innovative businesses build a better society.


Dr. Sole Co., Ltd.

Two factors have always made Dr. Sole standing out from others: a family-owned rubber sole factory with over 30 years of experiences in the industry and a team composed of skillful artisans who are dedicated themselves to passing down the traditional shoe-making craftsmanship. For the past years, we've been known worldwide by repairing thousands of vintage shoes and work boots with the finest rubber soles in the market. We have cultivated ourselves to delivering the message of repairing things instead of buying new ones.



Fruitpay has founded for 5 years. We deliver fruits directly from country of origins to users as soon as possible after receving orders. Fruitpay allows users to save time and have a more convenient life.


CDP Cloud Service Co., LTD

CDP Cloud Service is a company of National Development Fund investment. Main service is Base on Cultural and Printing industry, Provide Cloud Service Support industry and Personal.

B.House Inc.

Make yourself at home! It’s a simple sentence for threat the friends at home in Taiwan. We hope everyone can be relax in our space. We offer you the best home furniture treatment to help you have a lovely rooms or home. We care what you need, we create what you want.

Gogocao - Redhorsego International

Gogocao is a Taiwan transportation network Platform. We provide a unique compensation system for drivers, Hope they can work in a more reasonable time and improve their income as well. We also wish to bring their life a positive change for Taiwan Economy.

USPACE Tech Co, Ltd.

USAPCE is dedicated to the development of parking spaces sharing platform, you can share and use the private car park by connecting our IoT-device through the USPAC App. 5.

Light Fitness Taiwan Co,Ltd

Light Fitness is a female exclusive sports center, first opened in early 2013 and has developed to 8 branches. Service in Light Fitness is more friendly than others. Our service is not contract based. It’s pressure-free gym designed for women. We think about how to combine fitness speciality, customer care and passion to help those who love exercise. We offer personal training and group fitness programs for our members. We became hot choice of celebrities and media.