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Tainan Innovation and Creativity Plan Pavilion (Starup Tainan)

Startup Pipeline @ TX-3

Cultural legacies and traditional industries in Tainan have enriched the local society. Since 2016, Tainan City Government initiates an innovation and creativity program with a contest. It mentors all kinds of startup ideas to build in Tainan and support diverse innovative practices.


Bcount is a Taiwanese startup team specialized in developing an automatic platform, Bcount Rapid Bacterial Counter. Our missions always satisfy the unmet needs in various potential markets, involving fermentation industry, biomedical diagnostics, food safety, and bio-economy.

Upcycled Fashion

Upcycled Fashion was founded by the students of Arts Administration of Shu-Te University. The brand combines the idea of "Art Management" , "social enterprise", "recycling economy" and "Innovation and entrepreneurship" together. To solve the enviromental problem caused by fast fashion, Upcycled Fashion try to find the best solution.


Our team members have much experience of material and product design. We develop kinds of eco-straw and relevant products. By building-up recycle and regeneration chain of straw waste, we fabricate and supply industrial ingredient, bamboo charcoal powder of different mesh and chitosan filter application. According to our product design, plan of recycle and regeneration, we supply not only good quality and price product but fully protect environment by eliminating waste to achieve truly green world.


To improve the user experience of public Wi-Fi , get rid of the established impression that public Wi-Fi is too complicated to use , and let everyone can more simple and easier to use public Wi-Fi , Wishar team interviewed many users and develop the “auto login” , “offline map” feature for public Wi-Fi user , we hope to bring better public Wi-Fi user experience to everyone by Wishar.

Mili Culture Creative Co., Ltd.

Composed of visual communication design students, the company exhibits a creative smartphone loudspeaker without electricity requirements. Made of ceramics and wood, it optimizes and amplifies sound effects with material resonance and physical features.


WILLPOWER Co., Ltd. focus on Electric vehicle recharging projects. We began in 2015 and were formally established in 2016. Our products : Smart Statiom™, It can charge 6 e-Scooter or e-Bike at the same time. It's currently the smallest product on the market.

This team is focus on Aquaponics and combine with IoT technique, utilize the Rasberry Pi and Arduino sensor to apply them at aquaponics farm.


Four EMBA students from National Cheng Kung University are committed to processed products with mangoes. Current products include mango chocolates, pâte de mangos, and citron tea.

Hailuo Business Technology Enterprise

Hailue offers hardware/software integrated services to minimize development costs for customers. It currently provides LINEbot service to deliver traffic and event information on campus. It also delivers temperature, humidity and air pollution indicators in real time.


We love Taiwan and feel that one day we have to do something for the society. Solving the problem of drunk driving has become the theme. It can not only improve Taiwan's drinking culture, but also create a happy enterprise. However, every time we let consumers use our services, we can avoid it. A drunk driving took place, reducing the breakdown of two families, so we stood here.

A-Chung Ecological Farm

The company operates under the "CSA cycle three-dimensional agriculture" innovation, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Run farms with circular farming techniques, sell directly to the end consumers through online community FB, LINE direct sales, skip the market and draw profits, and return the profits to the farmer. The main products are “baby corn , fruit corn”.

Trillion-Sr International Corporation

Founded in 2017, Trillion-Sr is committed to system integration and automated industrial monitoring. Main services include vibration analysis, mechanical bearing diagnosis, and embedded cloud system design. It will continue to focus on industrial automation and automated diagnosis to ensure a smart and safe workplace.

Gcxherbs Co.LTD

Coached by the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Advocates "Skin Prevention Medicine" and uses the "Chinese Medicine Functional Analysis" to find the biological material "BX-10" that replaces chemical raw materials. "BX-10" is a whole plant complex biofunctional extraction. Avoid "unpredictable health risks" of chemical raw materials. Avoid environmental pollution and accumulation of environmental hormones.

Wisdesign Tech Inc.

Wisedesign Tech has transformed neighborhoods and streets in Tainan. Through digital techniques, it identifies local values with associations and government in markets. It responds to market needs by integrating culture and technology in digital archives and applications.

Ba-Wang-Chun Ltd.

The team extracts functional microorganisms from oolong tea leaves, and adds into various teas in Taiwan. This process increases nutritional values and health effects in tea to maximize economic benefits.

Kabua Farm

Kabua Farm is to the sixth generation of agriculture products Tainan local industry.Their fruits and vegetables are planted in accordance with the laws of natural ecology.Not only to maintain soil and ecosystems,but also take into account human health and food safety.They hope to make the brand such as the spirit of enthusiasm continue to bloom like flowers blooming like a piece of brocade.


WinWin welcomes startups with smart agriculture, digital industry and community development ideas. It offers mentorships and incubation services with free seminars, workshops, hackathons, pitchings and events. It introduces venture capitals, counsels, financial services, marketing teams, and technical development resources.